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Technology Roadmap Will Save Nigeria $11Bn In 5 Years - News about Nigeria - 26/01/2018 - 26 Jan 2018 09:40


Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister of Science & Technologies, says the Federal Government’s National Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap will save the nation about 11 billion dollars in five years.Onu made the disclosure at the South West Sensitization Programme on National Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmap on Friday in Lagos.The minister said that the road map would help the country’s transition from a resource-primarily based to a understanding-primarily based, innovation-driven economy that would drive the country’s economic diversification approach.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Federal Government in August authorized the 13-year National Science, Technology and Innovation Road Map starting from 2017 to 2030.Onu mentioned that the roadmap would improve the nation’s emerging post-crude oil economy, catalyze financial development and increase competitiveness of the nation’s raw material endowment.He said the road map would be incorporated into the technique to provide jobs, generate wealth and decrease poverty in the country."This is the Road Map of all Road Maps. Other road maps have the life span of 3-five years, but this road map of 13 years would outlive this present government and would also outlive my stay as the minister."If China with more than 1 billion population could do it, Nigeria will. report_export_404.png Our problem is not the population but to right the errors our fathers produced."Our generation must do much better than the previous generations. We have to make certain that we improve on the legacies of our fathers. - Comments: 0

‘Perception Made By #AnambraDebates’ ~ Nigeria News - 26/01/2018 - 26 Jan 2018 09:27


Channels Television lately organised a debate for few governorship candidates in Anambra State, ahead of the coming election. Only candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) the ruling All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) the United Progressive Party (UPP) the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA) were invited for the televised debate tagged #AnambraDebates.The debates introduced the antecedence and ideology of every single of the candidates. project.jpg Most importantly, it highlighted the character brands of each of them. Perception played a significant role in the traction received by every of the candidates through and immediately after the debate.Godwin Ezeemo of PPA lost the interest of viewers when it became clear that he only moved to Anambra 5 years ago. He looked like a nascent politician but sounded promising.Tony Nwoye of APC place up a dull appearance in terms of dressing and delivery. His demeanor was devoid of executive self-assurance and intellectual facade. He sounded like the victim.Oseloka Obaze of PDP stole the show. His elocution and delivery was outstanding. He sounded like the key challenger.Osita Chidoka of UPP has always been popular among the elites. His dressing, composure and candour delivered the excellence he has constantly been recognized for. His programmes have been spectacularly themed in Igbo language. 6bcb9bba57d4df500ca34c541aace7e69f40c13b.jpg He appears to be making a political niche for himself.Incumbent Governor Willie Obiano did so effectively in explaining how he has been driving development in the state. Obiano was obviously tensed as he came face-to-face with his challengers and launched vitriolic attacks on their personalities. He sounded like the opposition.Having said that, we appear forward to see if perception and personality brand have influence on elections. This election is a referendum, says Osita Chidoka. Possibly a referendum on the type of character widely accepted by the individuals this Saturday shall reveal. - Comments: 0

Economic Migration: Any Alternative To Libya? - News about Nigeria : 26/01/2018 - 26 Jan 2018 08:54


Going to Libya via the desert and returning alive is a miracle. Nigerians who are now being repatriated have to be grateful for living to tell the story of surviving the journey to hell. Much more than 7,000 have been moved back property and thousands much more are in detention camps awaiting repatriation. Quite a few who produced the perilous journey across the desert exactly where not so lucky. There were stories abou these who made the try, but ended up dead in the desert. IMG-20171004-WA0003-1.jpg Lots of have been killed in Libya. We have also learnt about other folks who made it to Libya, but perished in the Mediterranean Sea, although attempting to cross in dinghies to Europe.But will the horrifying stories being told by the survivors dissuade other people from attempting their luck? It is doubtful. As government is repatriating the economic emigrants, is not it ridiculous that many of them, in spite of the harmful circumstances they have been subjected to in the foreign land are insisting on staying back in Libya? gov-birthday-dp.jpg How sad, that Nigerian youths have lost hope in their nation! A lot of young desperate youths are still secretly nursing the hope of escaping from hardship at property. There are numerous still longing to sneak into Europe in search of greener pasture. They hardly care about unfortunate outcome for many who perished on the way.They think that the situation is worse adequate and the only choice out of their predicament is achievement or death. It just seems that Nigerian government officials don’t appreciate the desperation. Otherwise, the Senior Particular Assistant to the President on Foeign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa would not merely say that the Nigerian youths whose lives are hanging in the balance in Libya had been warned not to make the journey.We must initially acknowledge that it is innate for human beings to migrate when challenged with poor circumstances and restricted prospective for improvement in their present abode. Is it not in search of improved life that human beings identified ourselves in diverse parts the globe, even the remotest, far flung lands that you cannot but wonder how the original settlers found their way there? Europe, which Nigerian youths are risking their lives to migrate to today had not usually been a decision spot of abode for the natives. The Europeans, especially, Irish, Italians and Swedes have at some time in history also had trigger to migrate from their homelands in search of better life in America, Canada, Brazil and other lands they viewed as additional habitable and prosperous than theirs.For instance, it was reported that additional than one million Irish sailed across the Atlantic to North America between 1815 and 1852. They comprised people in search of work in rural Ireland who had to emigrate to locate employment. Famine in that country involving 1846 and 1852 also supplied the motivation for several to leave.From the last quarter of 19th century and beyond more than 5 million Italians also reportedly left their homeland for the Americas to escape poverty and limited possibilities. The Swedes had been not left out in the greener pasture chase. Studies also revealed that Indians and Chinese migrated all more than the world in the quest for improved living circumstances.The Europeans have, on the other hand, stopped the exodus. They have turned about their countries’ economies positively and do not have any need to migrate to other parts of the globe in search of economic prosperity. For instance, Ireland, which made use of to be a major sender of migrants to other nations ranks as 1 of the ten richest in the planet in 2017. Consequently, an suggestions or warning as to no matter whether to emigrate or not would only make sense to an Irish now, not so substantially to a Nigerian youth whose hope for improved future is a mirage.Young Nigerians danger their lives for the journey across the desert to Libya simply because they have lost hope in the leadership and government of the country.It is the visionless leadership that has failed over the years to harness the great human resource possible of Nigeria that is fuelling the citizens’ wish to travel abroad illegally in the quest for better life.What really should be expected in a country exactly where youths struggle by way of the tertiary institutions but stay unemployed a lot of years immediately after graduation?How do you convince a youth who has tried unsuccessfully to safe admission into a greater institution against risking the journey to Europe, even if he may possibly shed his life in the procedure?What about couples and even entire families who believe their hope for prosperity lies in journeying by way of the desert to Europe?To dissuade these and other categories of economic migrants, you need to offer alternatives that will give them hope. As extended as there is no hope for a better future, no hope for possibilities and there is no provision for social welfare, it might be hard to expect the youths to stay at residence. The query to ask is what is the Muhammadu Buhari administration performing to give that hope? The government claims to be creating jobs and delivering succour to the most vulnerable citizens.What influence have these efforts created? Have Nigerians not become worse off than they were prior to the ascension of the present government?What happened to the National Directorate of Employment (NDE), National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) and other entrepreneurial instruction and finance as effectively as employment agencies that previous administrations developed to enable supply the youths the chance of earning revenue and living a decent life? What has grow to be of the YouWin programme, by means of which the final administration was empowering youths with wonderful organization suggestions to generate jobs?Has this government not also caught the bug of introducing schemes and programmes, which appear wonderful and promising on paper, but only offer succour to only a tiny fraction of the citizens and end up generating small or no influence? How do you successfully stop Nigerian youths from browsing for a far better land in foreign land when the government and the politicians are perceived as not capable of solving their challenge?Greed is another reason behind the illegal migration to Libya. Greedy Nigerians are cashing in on the desperation of the migrants to make cash off them. There are reported circumstances of specialist human traffickers who lure unsuspecting citizens into embarking on the journey. They trick fellow citizens into parting with princely sums of income to travel to Libya. The victims finish up getting sold into slavery in Libya. The Nigerian human trafficking syndicates with Libyan collaborators would not stop their filthy trade as long as their activities go unchecked.It will take more than the work of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) to bust the human trafficking syndicates and bring perpetrators to justice.The Department of State Safety (DSS) and other safety agencies should be involved to smash the syndicates and place the heartless traffickers out of company.The migrants spend as significantly as N200,000 for the trip to Libya and substantially more for the perilous journey across the sea to Europe. Proposed_Perm_Site_1.JPG To discourage financial migration relevant government agencies will have to function tougher to re-orientate the citizens to think in Nigeria. The youths should be provided the expertise and facts on how to utilize his N200,000 in the country and grow big as an alternative of migrating to a foreign nation and ending up dying or getting sold into slavery. - Comments: 0

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